Trends & Surveys

Expert commentary on key market trends and PMR research findings.

Trends are defined as significant changes of market conditions that influence the situation on a market and are in turn partly influenced by it. We describe the most important trends shaping the market under analysis, but we also take note of emerging trends that might affect the market and its participants in a significant way in the future. Trends are presented both in textual and graphical form, with graphs and charts showing the causes, progress and fall of a trend.

We conduct proprietary research in order to gain an in-depth understanding of a market, identify key trends, obtain first-hand knowledge from market players and – last but not least - to understand the consumer viewpoint. We undertake different types of research depending on specific purposes:

  • In-depth interviews are carried out to gain insights into current and expected trends and to obtain unofficial information. They provide a valuable complement to information gleaned from other sources, allowing us to better understand and interpret the data and verify its accuracy. Our respondents are managers from leading market players, independent experts, government officials, representatives of chambers of commerce and trade associations, lawyers, etc.
  • Business surveys (B2B) are carried out to gather information on the current situation in a market and its growth outlook for the next few years. Business surveys enable identification of the main barriers to growth faced by a sector, as well as factors most likely to support growth. We also inquire about the financial condition of the respondent’s company and other information allowing us to develop profiles of market players.
  • Consumer surveys (B2C) are carried out to gather information about consumer behaviour and preferences and to develop consumer profiles for particular markets. All our consumer surveys are based on representative samples, in most cases of the purposive type.

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