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Data centre market in Poland

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2024-2029

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Data centre market in Poland

Market analysis and development forecasts for 2024-2029

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Sector: Data centre
Country: Poland

The report is an analysis of the data centre market in Poland, based primarily on visits to 30 leading commercial data centres in Poland. In addition to detailed profiles of the largest commercial service providers, the report discusses key trends in the market and the service types offered by operators. The report presents the scale of investment made by the service providers in recent years, as well as plans for modernisation and construction of new facilities.

The report is accompanied with a Statistics Dataset (Excel spreadsheet) with the most important statistics from the report, allowing an individual analysis/aggregation of the data, a solution particularly helpful for analysts.


What is the content of the report?

Learn about the data centre market in Poland and the sector's development prospects, in particular:

  • Market size defined in terms of: square metres of total and net IT space, power capacity available to customers (MW), expenditure on data centre services.
  • Geographical breakdown of the market into various Polish cities.
  • A comprehensive discussion of the activities of providers of commercial data centres in Poland, market trends, events and changes.
  • Occupancy rates and market indicators (e.g. average power density per rack, PUE).
  • Detailed profiles of nearly 40 providers of data centre services in Poland, including data for and technical parameters of the facilities, PUE, redundancy levels of individual infrastructure components and air conditioning.
  • Information on colocation, hosting, cloud, business continuity and disaster recovery services available to enterprises on the Polish data centre market.
  • Analysis of individual data centre service providers, their strengths and weaknesses, and development plans.
  • Technical capabilities and available floor space (gross and net) in leading Polish data centres.
  • Price ranges in commercial data centres for particular services, such as colocation (both prices per rack and prices for smaller installations starting from 1U), virtual server hosting (VPS) and dedicated servers.
  • Customer portfolio of data centre services of different providers, division into industries, companies and institutions using commercial data centres in Poland.
  • Development forecasts for the data centre market in Poland for the years 2024-2029
  • Investment in new facilities and upgrade of the existing data centres in the coming years.
  • Discussion of key trends, global and regional forecasts constituting a benchmark and point of reference for the Polish market and allowing comparisons.

Why to buy the report?

  • A comprehensive analysis presenting data on the data centre market based on meetings and contact with the market players.
  • Visits and interviews provide a highly objective picture of the market, the actual state of the DC infrastructure and vendors' development plans in the coming years.
  • An overview of the most important investment projects in Poland, particularly on the Warsaw market, as well as in other Polish regions.
  • In addition to providing forecasts, the report also discusses the development of cloud services, which increase infrastructure resources in Poland (brand new facilities, but also expansion of the existing ones), developments based on local DCs, e.g. the latest Google Cloud region, or started projects and the announced opening a cloud region in Poland by Microsoft (hybrid model in cooperation with an external partner and parallel construction of own centre).
  • It is the most reliable and professional compendium of knowledge regarding the activities of commercial data centre providers in Poland, market trends, events and changes.

Who benefits from the analysis?

Executives and decision-makers in marketing, sales and business development, representing:

  • Data centre companies;
  • Providers of cloud computing and hosting services;
  • Providers of data processing services already operating on the Polish market;
  • Technology parks;
  • Data centre operators;
  • Investors considering entering the Polish market;
  • Providers of infrastructure and solutions used in data centres, including in particular power supply systems, UPS, air conditioning systems, servers
  • Telecommunication operators and network equipment suppliers;
  • Distributors of ICT products and services;
  • Companies considering the use of commercial data centres in Poland;
  • Large real property agencies;
  • Consulting firms and investment advisers in M&A transactions;
  • Global financial institutions operating in Poland.
Table of Contents
  • Executive summary
  • Analysis of the data centre market

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Other versions: Polish
Sector: Data centre
Country: Poland

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